7 Cool Portfolio Themes for WordPress.com

Here’s a selection of recommended themes for a portfolio, design, or photography based site. These themes have large featured image areas or headers that can be used to highlight a selection of your designs, artwork, or photos, and are usually incorporated into a gallery-style homepage layout. Due to the use of larger images, most of these themes aren’t as scalable, or responsive, as the themes listed in the 5 Sweet Journal Themes post. These guys are image-centric, but can also be incorporated into blog-style sites, most notably the Imbalance 2, The Columnist, and Triton Lite themes. The themes listed below are all free to use when designing your cool WordPress.com portfolio.

Imbalance 2

imbalance 2 theme

  • modern, minimalist
  • great for blog or portfolio
  • fixed or fluid width option
  • custom theme colour settings
  • ‘sticky’ posts as featured posts
  • 3 widget areas (1 header/2 footer)
  • custom header image option
  • custom background
  • custom menu


mixfolio theme

  • modern, grid-style
  • custom ‘welcome area’ – title, message, image, Twitter & contact display options
  • custom header image option
  • custom background
  • right sidebar or full width options
  • 2 custom menus (above/below welcome area)
  • 5 post formats – image, gallery, link, quote, video
  • responsive


nishita theme

  • minimalist, dark or light
  • blog or photoblog setup
  • super-wide, 1024 pixel images
  • post thumbnail images
  • 3 footer widget areas
  • optional right sidebar
  • custom header image option
  • custom menu
  • custom background


autofocus theme

  • elegant, minimalist
  • prominent featured images
  • image-based archives
  • custom header image option
  • custom background
  • custom menu (vertical or horizontal)
  • gallery posts


hatch theme

  • lightweight, grid-style
  • featured images create home page gallery
  • add custom logo & message to header
  • custom menu
  • custom header
  • custom background
  • 5 widget areas (3 footer/1 per post/ 1 per page)

The Columnist

columnist theme

  • minimalist, news/magazine style
  • custom header menu
  • menu appears only on templates displaying multiple posts (homepage, search, archives)
  • custom header image at top of left column
  • custom background
  • featured images cropped square on homepage
  • 4 widget areas (bottom of single posts/pages)

Triton Lite

triton lite theme

  • clean, simple
  • tight, tidy post arrangements
  • featured post slider below header menu
  • custom colour options
  • custom menu
  • custom header
  • 2 theme options (background accent or link colour)
  • 3 widget areas (optional sidebar, footer, above footer)

Photo credit: little-lebowski / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


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