Happy 10th Anniversary WordPress: An Infographic

Ten years ago, Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little forked an existing blogging software to expand and improve upon, and WordPress was born. WordPress has since grown steadily into the amazing, free, open source blogging and content management system (CMS) that we all know and love. It dominates the total CMS market share at 66%, and powers an astounding 15% of all websites worldwide, including company sites for Pepsi, Ford, eBay, UPS, and The Wall Street Journal.

Check out this 10th anniversary infographic, assembled by the fine folks at MarketPress, for fun facts and stats from the past 10 years of WordPress. Did you know that all major releases are code-named after famous jazz musicians?  The current version 3.5 was code-named Elvin, after the great jazz drummer Elvin Jones. Maybe another drummer for the upcoming version 3.6 release – (Gene) Krupa or Buddy (Rich) perhaps? (Sorry, drummer’s bias!)

WordPress 10th Anniversary Infographic

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