WordPress 101

Mexicanwave / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

I initially created the WordPress 101 site to help teach a 3 hour class on how to get a blog up and running quickly with WordPress.com. The intent was to follow the site menu from Introduction through to Resources and come out relatively unscathed with a free, functional WP site. Along the way i touched on the differences between starting a free, hosted WordPress.com blog, and setting up a more robust, self-hosted WordPress.org site.

It worked out quite well for the class, so i thought i’d leave the site intact and continue to write and reblog articles pertinent to the wide world of WordPress. My focus with new posts and resources, as with past ones, is extending your WP site as much as possible for free. I figured i could share my journey along the way to help others start from the ground up. I’m still learning every day, and am by no means a programming expert, but I’ve been in the design and print business for over a decade, and have been using WordPress successfully for the past several years.

About the Big Lebowski vibe around the site? It really tied the blog together.

If you’re interested in more posts on WordPress, blogging, and design elements, please take a moment to follow this blog for updates. You can also find me sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, my personal WordPress blog, and LinkedIn.

You’re also welcome to email me here with any other questions or comments:


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